Welcome to Glückskinderwelt

“Three things remain
with us from paradise:
stars at night,
flowers in daylight,
and the eyes of children”
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), Italian poet
*** Please note that currently we have no free spots in Kinderkindergarten (>3 yrs) ***

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Situated in the heart of Heidelberg, very centrally located with good transport connections, the privately run day nursery “Glückskinderwelt” has just under 2.000 m² in three buildings. Sponsored by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Heidelberg, children aged from three months to three years in specific crèche groups, each with 10 or 12 children, as well as kindergarten groups (3–6 years) with 20 or 10 children respectively, are lovingly cared for by up to 4,2 professional educators in each group. Our head of Glückskinderwelt is exempted from group duty, to guarantee a general fulfillment of our high quality standards. Furthermore we use internal teams on a regular basis, to review quality and to develop services and internal organisation. Using state-of-the-art educational methods, a generous, child-friendly space concept as well as a bilingual approach, we want to support children from an early stage in a modern development process.

Glückskinderwelt is characterised by an individual and personal culture, which offers a self-sufficient and familial character in individual groups, but at the same time uses possibilities that only an institution with a certain size can offer, for example stability and flexibility, additional services and professional administration and communication.

With extremely flexible opening hours, “Parents Lounges” at the hub of the action in each building and many other services, our aim is to reconcile family and work and, in particular, to take the strain off dual-earning households. To make all this possible, we place particular emphasis on having a harmonious and strong team that defines the culture of the facility and will continue supporting the “Glückskinder concept” with tremendous love and passion.

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