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What makes Glückskinderwelt so special and unique?

The aspect of you feeling at ease is a top priority for us. We want to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your child is being very well cared for by us so that you can concentrate on your everyday life. Our staff are all state certified professional educators and nursery workers. In close communication and consultation with you, we accompany your children and, with our special services, wish to compile an “all-round peace of mind package”:

  • Opening hours from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm for flexible bringing and picking up of your children – by arrangement these times can be extended both in the morning and in the evening (Sitting Option)
  • Childcare ratio for the crèche: up to 3,3 teachers look after a maximum of 10 children per group
  • Childcare ratio for the kindergarten: up to 4,2 teachers look after a maximum of 20 children, up to 2,7 after a maximum of 10 children
  • Central location and good public transport connections; 100 m to the main train station, tram stop on the doorstep and direct connection to the motorway
  • Agreeable “fetch/bring” situation with leased parking spaces
  • Our lunch is freshly cooked by our caterer each morning and delivered at midday. Organically grown products are used almost exclusively and the food contains no artificial aromas or flavour enhancers whatsoever. Our Catering also uses rapeseed oil with important omega-3 fatty acids. The selection is fresh, of a high quality and, naturally, very enjoyable
  • Bilingual concept in English from around 3 months upwards 
  • Age-specific groups in the crèche section (0.3 – 2 years,  2 – 3 years)
  • Additional activities such as gymnastics (own gymnastic room), music & movement, creative design, drama and trips
  • Monthly visit of the zoo (from 2 years) or playgroundday (below 2 years), drama group (from 2 years)
  • Children’s events such as walks to the Neckarwiese, visits to the theatre, hairdressing days, visit to the police station, etc.
  • Modern and yet child-friendly indoor and outdoor area with 2.000 m² indoor space and 1.000 m² outdoor space
  • Modern and pro-active communication with parents – intensive handover/briefings & development meetings, regular news by email
  • “Parents Lounge” for exchanges between parents or for discussions with teachers
  • Washing service for dirty children’s clothing
  • Daily reports with intensive handover on the day’s highlights
  • Regular meetings with parents, parents’ evenings, feedback sessions, development meetings
  • Parties for parents and children (Carnival celebrations, Easter, Summer Party, Festival of Lanterns, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas baking)

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