Additional services


  • Zoo Day - for our older groups of Glückskinderwelt there is a visit to the zoo once a month. Here, public transportation is used, which makes the journey to the zoo exciting in itself. At the zoo, the children then have the opportunity to get to know the animalsand their habitats. The pedagogical staff accompany the childrenand are pleased to see many amazed faces and reports of their experience afterwards.
  • Playground Day - our youngest children go to the playground once a month. The children get to know the playgrounds in the surrounding, train their gross motor skills on this excusion and experience their first contact with traffic.
  • Walks - on our walks the children learn their first traffic rules. For example, they learn how to cross a crosswalk, what to do at a red light or that they need to be mindful in traffic. All children over the age of two take part in our walks on foot. 
  • Into the fresh air - there is no bad weather - only bad clothes. True to this motto, we go outside every day - whether it´s a walk, a playground, the zoo or jumping in puddles, the children have great fundoing it. Movement and physical activity plan play an important role in the development of every child. They discover the world in and through movement. This contributes significantly to a healthy physical, mental and psychosocial development of children.

Movement and Sport

  • Gymnastics - once a week, an additional gymnastics program is offered to individual groups. Here we use our own, large movement room. The goal is to pick up on the children´s natural desire and urge to move. In this way, motor development is supported and new forms of movement can be experienced in a playful way. A good mix of free gymnastics, guided excercises by the teachers and group games provide the children with the fun and motivation to move. In addition, social learning is made possible.
  • Yoga - for all children from the age of four, we offer children´s yoga through an external trainer. Children´s yoga is not only fun and excercise - it offers children the opportunity to better perceive their own bodies in a playful way. In addition, the children learn to relax and be mindful.
  • Ballet - Glückskinderwelt ccoperates with an external dance and ballet school. The goal is to open up spaces for movement in order to convey a holistic body awareness. At the same time, the focus is on promoting individual expressiveness and the emotional interpretation of music.


  • The music program "Musikalisches Miteinander" (musical togetherness) is carried out with a lot of fun and passion at Glückskinderwelt. The children experience a wide variety of musical dimensions and experience the joy of rhythm and melody as well as the use of their own voices. Through song, dance, movement and instrumental play, the children´s linguistic, motor and social skills are developed along the way.


  • For children from the age of two, we offer a theater pedagogical program in the Glückskinderwelt. As soon as all children have rubbed themselves with "theater magic cream" and swallowed a "babble candy", things get exciting. What sounds come out of our mouths? What animal do we turn into? Where do we go when our magic ball wants to travel? The impulses and fantasies of the children are decisive in all games and they decide what happens next. We go on a journey together, where the spectators are players and the players are spectators.Along the way, emotional and physical expressiveness and the use of language are encouraged. Curtain up! 


  • Books become especially exciting at kindergarten age. The children dive into new worlds, train their imagination as well as their ability to concentrate. The kindergarten children go to the library at regular intervals and may even be allowed to choose one or two books on their own, which are then taken back to the Glückskinderwelt and discussed.


  • From the age of four, the childrenplayfully learnhow to deal with numbers in "Numberland".They set up their "Number House", walk across the "Numbe Carpet" and, at the end, join together for a story in "Number Land". Occasionally, a little "mistake devil" brings mistakes, which the children skillfully find and eliminate.


  • In the last year of kindergarten before starting school, we slowly prepare the children for the upcoming start of school. The excitement about this, as well as the anticipation of finally being a preschooler, is written all over most children´s faces. Topics such as "how do I behave in traffic?", "how do I deal with conflicts?" and "what do you actuallydo all day in school?" are dealt with. In addition, first playfulexperiences with numbers and letters are gained. Of course, there are also some that vary from year to year, depending on the children´s interests. For example, our preschoolers have already been to the observatory, to the police station, or to a trash collection event at the Vangerow playground. The colorful school bags also designed together with you as parents. The crowning finale of the preschool year is the "Kehraus" from Glückskinderwelt: Overnight stay? A last excursion together? Treasure hunt? How this is organized is decided by the children themselves at a children´s conference.


  • For all children who would like to, the hairdresser comes to visit about every three months. The childrentake a seat in our hairdresser´s chair, are accompanied by pedagogical staff and are encouraged to let their hair cut. Of course, there is also a photo for the portfolio of baby´s first haircut.  
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