Additional services


  • Our "Nature Day" is a big change for our Glückskinder. Our colleagues and teachers from Glückskinderwelt visit Flora & Fauna once or twice a month. We go by bus and tram from Betriebshof to forests around here. Now the journey of discovery can begin – with explore and search games, we bring the children closer to nature. Ten by ten children can take part in the Forest Day, which is very famous amongst the kids.
  • Glückskinderwelt’s "Zoo Day" is held once a month for our older groups. Here too public transport is used, which makes getting there an exciting experience in itself. At the zoo, the children then have the chance to learn more about the animals and their habitats. They are accompanied by professional educators, who relish the array of astonished faces and the field reports afterwards.


  • A great deal of passion goes into the Glückskinderwelt “Making Music” activity, which is always good fun. The children learn about different musical dimensions and experience the enjoyment of language through rhythm and melody and by using their own voices. The children take great delight in singing, dancing, moving and playing instruments whilst, at the same time, improving their language, motor and social skills.

Drama and games

  • The experienced drama teacher Susanne Mautz offers all manner of "Drama Games" with children age two years and above. As soon as everyone has rubbed in their magic theatre cream and swallowed a chatter sweet it gets exciting. What sounds will come out of our mouths? What animal will we turn into? Where will we end up when our magic ball wants to go travelling? The key to all these games are the children’s ideas and imagination, which determine what happens next. We embark on a joint journey, where the audience are the actors and the actors are the audience. As a by-product, this boosts the children’s use of language and their ability to express themselves emotionally and physically. Curtain up!


  • A supplementary "Gymnastics" option is available in our own fitness room. The aim is to harness children’s natural love of exercise and their urge to engage in physical activity. Hence, motor development is supported and new forms of movement are vividly presented in a playful way. A good mix of informal gymnastics, supervised exercises and group games motivates the children to exercise by making it a fun thing to do, with the added benefit of facilitating social learning.

Numbers land

  • From 4 years children learn how to handle numbers in a playful way. The build their "numbers-houses", walk across a "numbers-carpet" and meet all together to listen to a story about the "numbers land". Once in a while, a little typo gremlin mixes up the numbers, but the children will find and bansih it. 


  • In the last year of kindergarten, before starting school, we prepare the children slowly for the approaching school entry. It is not uncommon for children to be nervous and excited at the thought of a new phase in their lives. Topics such as "what do you do all day at school", "what does a sandwich consist of", or "how do I get to school safely despite traffic"? In addition, the pre-school children are also treated with advanced topics in everyday life, which are crowned by an appropriate excursion. Our children have already attended a firstaid course for children, received a guided tour with John Deere, a visit to the theatre and a mine, to name only a few. Of course, tinkering with the school bags and an overnight stay in the kindergarten are also part of the obligatory pre-school program.
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