Daily routine

The daily routine at Glückskinderwelt is adapted to our children’s ages and includes both fixed reference points as well as free time.

  • 7am - 8am:                   Arrival in "Good-morning-group" 
  • 8am - 9am:                   Free play in each group               
  • 9am - 9:30am:              Communal breakfast in groups              
  • From 9:30am:               Circle time            
  • 10am - 11:30am:           Free play, optional activities, projects, time spent outdoors
  • 11:30am - 11:45am:      Cleaning up together and washing hands               
  • 11:45am - 1pm:             Lunch followed by personal hygiene:00pm:               
  • From 1pm:                     Afternoon nap or quiet time               
  • 3pm - 3:30pm:               Afternoon snack               
  • 3:30pm - 6pm:               Free play, optional activities, projects, time spent outdoors
  • 6pm - 7pm:                    Evening snack and calm playing until closing

The daily routine forms an orientation guide for the children aged one year and above. For children under a year old we use their individual sleeping/waking phases or physical needs as a guide.


In the kindergarten group breakfast times are flexible (8.00 am to 9.30am) – within this period (time and duration) the children can decide, independently and regardless of other persons, whether they are hungry or not.

Personal hygiene

Hand-washing, teeth-cleaning, nappy-changing, toilet and potty-training. The children have their nappies changed or use a potty/go to the toilet several times a day, as and when required.

Quiet time

Children who do not require any more sleep in the afternoons are given activities that they can engage in quietly.

Circle time

Regular unit with fixed rituals, such as greeting children, counting, relating information, finger games, stories, books, subject or project-related contents.

Circle time preview free play, optional activities, projects

A day at Glückskinderwelt

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